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KM72T-4p Citizen Master Clock

KM-72 series dengan GPS system

Koreksi waktu dengan menerima data waktu yang ditransmisikan dari satelit GPS, hal ini dapat diterima dengan handal oleh antena GPS yang dipasang diluar ruangan.

Dilengkapi dengan fungsi SNTP sebagai Time Server yang siap digunakan oleh beberapa perangkat komputer, telekomunikasi, atau perangkat lainnya dengan menggunakan NTP/SNTP client.

Timer dapat diprogram untuk memberikan alarm, dan dapat siambungkan ke perangkat elektronik lainnya dengan jumlah 8 channels.

KM72T-4p yang berarti jenis Master Clock system merk CITIZEN buatan Jepang dilengkapi fungsi TIMER yang terdiri dari 4p Pannel untuk slave clock berupa analog atau digital. 

Output: Pulse 24V / 30s ; NTP/SNTP ; TIMER ; CHIME ; 8 Contact Channel Out

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Time server function

SNTP server

You can use the time server function of standard equipment to be carried out time correction of any GPS. In addition child watch normal driving, the program timer control, time synchronization of network-enabled devices and personal computers in the building are available.
SNTP: Simple Network Time Protocol
protocol specialized for the purpose of the client device to obtain an accurate time from the server

Citizen Master Clock Topology

Main Specifications

Crystal formula master clock KM-72 series
Master clock Crystal oscillation frequency 4194.304kHz
Accuracy 0.7 seconds or less per week difference ± (0 ~ 40 ℃)
Wave correction with 0 seconds accumulated error
Child watch Number of Output Lines 1 line to 4 line

KM-72T-1P = TIMER 8 channel dengan 1 Pannel dengan kapasitas 30 Slave Clock jenis jam analog
KM-72T-2P = TIMER 8 channel dengan 2 Pannel dengan kapasitas 2 x 30 Slave Clock jenis jam analog
KM-72T-3P = TIMER 8 channel dengan 2 Pannel dengan kapasitas 3 x 30 Slave Clock jenis jam analog
KM-72T-4P = TIMER 8 channel dengan 2 Pannel dengan kapasitas 4 x 30 Slave Clock jenis jam analog
Input power source AC100V ~ 240V ± 10%
Operating time during power outages Slave clock drive: about 30 hours time count: About 5 years timer program memory part: 10 years
Case Before panel: ABS plastic rear case: steel gray (N8) color
Leap second adjustment A positive set by the jog dial and key, leap second adjustment is automatic
Timeserver Network protocol NTP v3/v4 SNTP v3/v4
I / O interface RJ-45 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet
Program timer Output circuit 8 contact output circuit independent
Setting method Can also be set via USB memory configuration and PC by the jog dial and key
Wave correction
GPS system GPS satellite radio waves L1 band 1575.42MHz
Long-wave band standard radio system Standard radio 40/60kHz (automatic Type of actuation)
Terrestrial digital control system Terrestrial digital broadcasting (ISDB-T) 470 ~ 770MHz (13 ~ 62ch/UHF band)
Radio control system 76 ~ 90MHz NHK-FM broadcasting (100kHz interval)
Electronic chime Sound source Electronic PCM sound
Track number 7 tracks
  • ※ The one time server function, it is a device for synchronizing the exact time the time of the devices connected to the network using a communication protocol called SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol).
  • ※ With 2 program timer, is a function that can be controlled (chime unit of school, such as on / off of outdoor lights) the external device switch the parent inside the watch turns ON at the set time.
  • ※ 3 GPS antenna is optional.

Katalog beberapa jenis Master Clock dari CITIZEN Jepang dapat download di-sini

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